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I don't know you, but your face is familiar

Maia J
29 August 1983
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26, working for a bank in a proper grown up job, where I spend a lot of time staring out the window and daydreaming. But at least I have a window seat! And I still really like my internet connection and vast collection of gorgeous pictures after all these years.

I'm polyfannish (that sounds much better than saying that I watch far too much tv, and have no attention span).

Current favourites: Adam Lambert, Torchwood, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, and Queer as Folk.

Back-up favourites: Harry Potter (Marauders era) and Veronica Mars

Watching (but not yet reading fic for): Bones, Cold Case, House, Gossip Girl, and Castle.

Older fandoms: Lotrips (Monaboyd), Buffy (Spuffy), The X Files.

Oh, and I'm a big Musicals fan (particularly Michael Arden and John Barrowman, mmm).

What can I say, I'm obsessive by nature!

And, yes, I wrote RPS (of the LotR variety). Don't say I didn't warn you, but not so much anymore.

You can find a variety of fic, icons, wallpapers and various downloadable goodies on my site. All my fic is also in the memories section, since my site isn't always up-to-date. Just in case you're interested.

Oh and I'm _maiaj on twitter. Where I mostly rave about Adam Lambert all the time, so I'm boring if you're not into that.

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